Check my repositories: github, bitbucket, gcode.

Latest projects and research publications:

  • Trinity:  Trinity is a platform for monitoring applications traffic, deploying per-app traffic rules and traffic optimization techniques.
  • Droidnesis: A mobile cloud offloading architecture that does not require a custom OS, app repackaging or specialized apps/market.
  • Android alarms: A study of over 24K  apps regarding their usage of Android alarms.
  • RILAnalyzer: A comprehensive 3G monitor for Android devices.
  • Stweeler: An analysis platform to study bots activities on twitter.
  • C3PO: An algorithm for dynamic diffusion of ephemeral in-network services.

Previous years projects and presentations include:

      • DYARN: Highly Available Hadoop YARN (in collaboration with SICS – Jim Dowling) (concluded, post soon…  intermediate presentation)
      • Zkndby – an opensource framework for storage benchmarking that includes modular load generators for HDFS, Zookeeper and NDB MySQL (https://github.com/4knahs/zkndb).
      • Estimation of parameters on LastFM (e.g age, degree, playcounts, playlists, ids..) through random walks (RW & RWRW) (post)
      • Philosophy of Science : Impact of open access to information on the divergence of social knowledge. (done…soon up)
      • Short report on High-Availability of Services in Wide-Area Shared Computing (post)
      • Project : Performance evaluation of a parallel raytrace execution (u: extrae + paraver) (post)
      • Survey and experiments on Men-In-The-Browser attacks (post)
      • Project : Smith-Waterman algorithm parallelization (blocking, interleaving) (post)
      • Project : Independent News-Aggregator (u: Apache FlumeHDFS and Zookeeper) (post)
      • Report on reducing costs of HDFS through machine learning, data classification and energy management policies –
      • Green HDFS (slideshare)
      • Project : Implementation of a solution for the Routing and Regenerator Placement and Dimensioning problem (RRPD) in T-OBS using
      • BRK Genetic Algorithm and a few CPLEX ILP models.
      • Short report on flume scalability vs reliability. (post)
      • Project :A simulation of an autonomous taxi agent service, the taxi. It was based on a project also done from scratch by me and a colleague in IST, in which both users and taxis had an ANDROID platform and there was a centralized server to optimize overall service times. Although there was a central server the taxi decisions were done locally and simulated using a BDI model (belief, desire, intention) to maximize each taxi objectives. I used jadex (BDI model) and google maps API to calculate routes. It includes all the guis for each platform. Project here – http://code.google.com/p/itaxi/.
      • Project :The latest game i developed was a spaceship racer in an intergalactic tunnel. I also developed an algorithm to decompose objects in smaller fragments depending on the point of impact. The algorithm purpose was to develop into a framework that would allow the dynamic manipulation and destruction of objects (in this case the asteroids). I coded it in C++ and used OGRE 3d engine and OgreBullets to simulate the physics. Although the latest developments on it aren’t shared has opensource, here is the intermediate version of it – http://code.google.com/p/naglfar/. (check video below and report in PT)
      • Project :Sesun which was a research on security in structured networks. Its main focus was to make chord resilient to most of the STRIDE computer security threats introducing authentication, indirection and the use of subsets of nodes to share responsibilities in order to probabilistically reduce the impact of malicious nodes attacks on the network – paper. (Note that this was my first master project. I think that atm I can achieve much better, either in security purposes, consensus and efficiency. I do love overlay networks!!!)
        I have done lots of other projects. I will leave some links to some other video games I did: wiiKillAsteroids;  zombiesApocalypse,  suecaCardGame(scheme/Racket functional language).

My Tech stack

  • Main OS (Android/Linux)
  • Languages (Main: C, java, ruby) – others (scala, erlang, C#/C++, lisp…)
  • Frontend techs (ruby rails, scala play, node.js, highcharts, jquery)
  • Backend techs (ec2, kubernetes, postgres,..)
  • Apache Technologies (Flume, Hive, HDFS, MapReduce/YARN, Zookeeper)
  • Performance Benchmarking(PARSEC, NAS, PARAVER, extrae)
  • Game Engines and 3D libs (Ogre3D, OpenGl, DirectX,Playn)
  • Physics libs (Bullet), Sound libs (OpenAL, irrklang)
  • Others (Rasperry, Arduino..)