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Flume-based Independent News-Aggregator

As a final project of our scalable distributed systems course, me and two friends decided to implement a system that would read RSS entries from multiple websites and provide access to it through a search engine, web API or a nice webpage. We found that flume would do the trick since it allows us to… Read More »

High Availability of Services in Wide-Area Shared Computing Networks

I finally managed to put together the final report for the research that I have been doing. Unfortunately, we only managed to get access to planetLab less than a week before the final delivery (sending lots of emails to multiple entities). We could only do minor experiments on it. As always, I am a bit… Read More »

Cloud scale identity fabric

This week I did a presentation on the importance of having identity management as a service. It highlights the potentialities of protocols such as OpenID that is used, for example, by Google. It was based on the article of Eric Olden with the same name. It doesn’t rely only on the properties on OpenID, its… Read More »

Autonomically Scalable Services in WAN

So I’ve got only three days left to research on the area and fortunately a big headache as well. Nothing like a pill, coffee and we’re good to go! At least I can blame any inconsistency in what I write with my physical state 😛 After reading “Resource-Aware Migratory Services in Wide-Area Shared Computing Environments”, I… Read More »

Resource-Aware Migratory Services in WAN

So as promised, I’ll give my opinion on the paper “Resource-Aware Migratory Services in Wide-Area Shared Computing Environments. I was really entertained while reading it, overall easy to follow and interesting. So to begin, since this work highly depends on Ajanta mobile agent system (*), I think that this paper should give a very brief… Read More »


So I’ve been asked to explain the difference between SOAP and REST. I’m glad I did it because I had only worked with SOAP so far and wasn’t particularly happy with it. I’ll risk saying that REST is more of a architectural philosophy while SOAP is more of a protocol for exchanging information. I admit… Read More »