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Flume-based Independent News-Aggregator

As a final project of our scalable distributed systems course, me and two friends decided to implement a system that would read RSS entries from multiple websites and provide access to it through a search engine, web API or a nice webpage. We found that flume would do the trick since it allows us to… Read More »

High Availability of Services in Wide-Area Shared Computing Networks

I finally managed to put together the final report for the research that I have been doing. Unfortunately, we only managed to get access to planetLab less than a week before the final delivery (sending lots of emails to multiple entities). We could only do minor experiments on it. As always, I am a bit… Read More »

Autonomically Scalable Services in WAN

So I’ve got only three days left to research on the area and fortunately a big headache as well. Nothing like a pill, coffee and we’re good to go! At least I can blame any inconsistency in what I write with my physical state 😛 After reading “Resource-Aware Migratory Services in Wide-Area Shared Computing Environments”, I… Read More »

Resource-Aware Migratory Services in WAN

So as promised, I’ll give my opinion on the paper “Resource-Aware Migratory Services in Wide-Area Shared Computing Environments. I was really entertained while reading it, overall easy to follow and interesting. So to begin, since this work highly depends on Ajanta mobile agent system (*), I think that this paper should give a very brief… Read More »