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Random Walks on LastFM

Big social networks don’t often disclose their data to other interested individuals. Their data and users add value to their business. So in order to estimate certain parameters such as the average age or other user characteristics or interests, we need to access the nodes individually. The way this nodes are accessed depends on the… Read More »

Update on Offline Routing and Regenerator Placement and Dimensioning

I should have posted some results already on this topic since the deadline to deliver the presentation has already passed. It seems that we have made a mistake while implementing the decoder function in the BRKGA java code. The Routing and Placement seem to be well addressed but we are getting wrong values in the dimensioning. Still… Read More »

Biased Random-Key Genetic Algorithm

I have been writing the report on the BRKGA meta-heuristic so I will quote a short description I wrote about this genetic algorithm 🙂 We have chosen the Biased Random-Key Genetic Algorithm (BRKGA) meta-heuristic in order to effectively solve this complex optimization problem. Typically, genetic algorithms evolve a population applying the principle of the survival… Read More »