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Revisiting (1 month) old code

  Revisiting code is never like meeting a old friend, that no matter how long it passed you always seem to know it. After a week it becomes a Pandora box (even though you left so many comments for yourself). I will depict a typical case scenario of the world I live in, my head.… Read More »

Always look through the bright side of life

I felt like writing my first less formal post of this blog to talk a bit about life and how it feels good when you’ve got a filled up Agenda. These weeks have had their ups and downs like everything else. I was rejected for google soc. Although i feel sad for it, it also… Read More »

Busy project agenda

I haven’t been very active in the blog lately since I had to interrupt the decentralized systems project on high availability. I have another project in between that consists on using parsec benchmark suite on a multiprocessor system and analyze its performance using paraver. Just got parsec running after a few tweaks and managed to change its… Read More »