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How to: download most popular Android apps!

Downloading the top apps of Android can be useful for many tasks. For example, one might want to automate the installation of the most trending apps, or even for researchers who want to study app internals or store metadata (e.g., number of downloads). A few existing projects exist for this purpose: egirault/googleplay-api : provides a… Read More »

Revisiting (1 month) old code

  Revisiting code is never like meeting a old friend, that no matter how long it passed you always seem to know it. After a week it becomes a Pandora box (even though you left so many comments for yourself). I will depict a typical case scenario of the world I live in, my head.… Read More »

Easter Eggs!

Procrastination (not really) and imagination made me come up with the idea of hiding a few easter eggs in this blog! Sounds like a great idea, I always liked puzzles! So far there is still only the infamous golden pet hidden somewhere but I’m am thinking of making an actual game out of this blog… Read More »

YAGB – yet another geek blog

I will be running this blog as an experiment to post some of my academic activities and life achievements. Hope I can turn this into an entertaining and useful blog for geeks and those who like too live on the edge. Cheers