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High Availability of Services in Wide-Area Shared Computing Networks

I finally managed to put together the final report for the research that I have been doing. Unfortunately, we only managed to get access to planetLab less than a week before the final delivery (sending lots of emails to multiple entities). We could only do minor experiments on it. As always, I am a bit‚Ķ Read More »

Always look through the bright side of life

I felt like writing my first less formal post of this blog to talk a bit about life and how it feels good when you’ve got a filled up Agenda. These weeks have had their ups and downs like everything else. I was rejected for google soc. Although i feel sad for it, it also‚Ķ Read More »

Cloud scale identity fabric

This week I did a presentation on the importance of having identity management as a service. It highlights the potentialities of protocols such as OpenID that is used, for example, by Google. It was based on the article of Eric Olden with the same name. It doesn’t rely only on the properties on OpenID, its‚Ķ Read More »

WiiKill Asteroids

Just came across with my first game ever! I done it in 2008! I had a terrible methodology of keeping track of my projects at that time (SVN was alien technology i guess :P). I had lots of fun doing and playing the game and hope you guys enjoy and take into consideration that this‚Ķ Read More »

Busy project agenda

I haven’t been very active in the blog lately since I had to interrupt the¬†decentralized¬†systems project on high availability. I have another project in between that consists on using parsec benchmark suite on a multiprocessor system and analyze its performance using paraver. Just got parsec running after a few tweaks and managed to change its‚Ķ Read More »

Autonomically Scalable Services in WAN

So I’ve got only three days left to research on the area and¬†fortunately a big headache as well. Nothing like a pill, coffee and we’re good to go! At least I can blame any inconsistency in what I write with my physical state ūüėõ After reading “Resource-Aware Migratory Services in Wide-Area Shared Computing Environments”, I‚Ķ Read More »

Resource-Aware Migratory Services in WAN

So as promised, I’ll give my opinion on the paper “Resource-Aware Migratory Services in Wide-Area Shared Computing Environments. I was really entertained while reading it, overall easy to follow and interesting. So to begin, since this work highly depends on Ajanta mobile agent system (*), I think that this paper should give a very brief‚Ķ Read More »