Update on Offline Routing and Regenerator Placement and Dimensioning

By | June 4, 2012

I should have posted some results already on this topic since the deadline to deliver the presentation has already passed. It seems that we have made a mistake while implementing the decoder function in the BRKGA java code. The Routing and Placement seem to be well addressed but we are getting wrong values in the dimensioning.

Still we can find what’s going wrong in time for the final report. It was an hard paper to understand and code since we were not familiar with most terms.

I learned a few things from with though:

  • SNDlib is useful to get network designs, test, evaluate and compare algorithms – http://sndlib.zib.de/home.action
  • Got more experienced in latex 😛
  • Learned a lot about ant colony and genetic algorithms
  • Felt better understanding mathematical formulations

If I wasn’t more interested in other projects, I think I could make a good project out of this.

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