High Availability of Services in Wide-Area Shared Computing Networks

By | May 6, 2012

I finally managed to put together the final report for the research that I have been doing. Unfortunately, we only managed to get access to planetLab less than a week before the final delivery (sending lots of emails to multiple entities). We could only do minor experiments on it. As always, I am a bit exigent and I feel that I could have accomplished much more with it. Still I think it’s an entertaining paper.

Here is the abstract:

Highly available distributed systems have been widely used and have proven to be resistant to a wide range of faults. Although these kind of services are easy to access, they require an investment that developers might not always be willing to make. We present an overview of Wide-Area shared computing networks as well as methods to provide high availability of services in such networks. We also make some references to highly available systems that are being used and studied at the moment this paper was written.

And here is the paper:

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