Always look through the bright side of life

By | April 23, 2012

I felt like writing my first less formal post of this blog to talk a bit about life and how it feels good when you’ve got a filled up Agenda.

These weeks have had their ups and downs like everything else. I was rejected for google soc. Although i feel sad for it, it also makes me feel relief because I can still work on it but with more time to put more effort into the projects I have at the moment. I am preparing to start a new project for a video game with my flatmate, I had a nice idea for a gameplay that i feel that could be innovative and interesting and it is in a area that my colleague wanted to work on and has some experience in. I don’t know if it will work or if it will be addictive enough but that’s why prototyping exists! I’m exited with the prospects!

Three projects are still undergoing: parallel raytrace instrumentation and measurements; high availability in Wide Area Networks and a still to define better ILP and heuristic/methaheuristic project. The first will finish soon and I hope I can post the results by tomorrow.

Also I have been planning some trips to relax and enjoy, namely to Tenerife/Gran Canarias and to Turkey. Either to go to the beach or meet some friends that I met during my European master journey.

I leave you with a song that I love to sing to myself whenever something bad (sometimes good) happens!

2 thoughts on “Always look through the bright side of life

  1. Élvio

    Se precisares de alguém que trate da soundtrack do jogo, diz-me qualquer coisa. Não tenho experiência na cena, mas… nunca se sabe…

    Take care

    1. admin

      Se um dia arranjar tempo para fazer algo interessante podes querer que te peço 😛


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