Busy project agenda

By | April 12, 2012

I haven’t been very active in the blog lately since I had to interrupt the decentralized systems project on high availability.

I have another project in between that consists on using parsec benchmark suite on a multiprocessor system and analyze its performance using paraver. Just got parsec running after a few tweaks and managed to change its build configuration to include the extrae libs so I can soon see some nice graphs on paraver.

Boada system is composed by 2 processors of 6 cores each running @2.4GHz. It uses hyperthreading so the total of cores is 24. Would be cool to use it for something else 😛

On another topic, I have applied for google summer code. I saw some really nice projects there and I wanted to apply to all of them.. but its always better to choose one and focus on the proposal. I am sad that I didn’t have time to research before applying (even more in the case of Tor project). But I did apply for a very cool project called Battle for Wesnoth, I am a fan of the game. I don’t think I’ll be selected though because this week I don’t have enough time to be more in contact with the development team and hack some fixes for the game. Maybe I’ll keep connected with project even without the google incentives.

Cheers to all!

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