MITB attacks

By | March 3, 2012

While in highschool I had lots of fun with some trojans (eg. amitis), spoofing of mails, etc. Although I wasn’t quite sure of what I was doing at the time, I got a bit of the basics.

While in IST I had the opportunity to study computer and network security in two different courses and revive this love I have. I did a small modest project with other EMDC students where we implemented a simplified version of Chord with some security properties (SESUN).

Although this project doesn’t really present anything new, it was a very good exercise to start having a deeper insight of network overlays and security. I spent a few months after it reading papers on security in overlay networks.

While in UPC, I had security in information technology systems where we did some investigation on Man-In-The-Browser attacks (MITB). You can check our presentation below! Also I just added a video of a short period of our experimental demonstration that you can check here. Can’t wait to do something interesting with all the knowledge I’ve been gathering 🙂

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